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No surprises here. - 50%

Andromeda_Unchained, May 11th, 2012

Oh man, it's been so long since I've listened to an album like this. Ridiculously pristine sounding modern melodic death metal, this album is the stuff of teenage wet dreams. Switching between clean and "aggressive" vocals, Rise to Fall take the Clayman-era In Flames template, throw in some modern Dark Tranquility-style electronics and gloss it all over with some pop sensibility. Yeah, true metal heads can safely avoid this like the plague.

This isn't completely horrible to be fair, although it isn't really that good either. There are a lot of modern In Flames style choruses here, and some moments do definitely flirt with metal-core. Defying the Gods is unashamedly what it is, and I can assure you everything you would expect from a modern melodic death metal album (can I really call this melodic death metal?) is all here in spades. This will no doubt appeal to more mainstream audiences than it probably will to the readers here, although if you just so happen to have a guilty pleasure for this sort of thing you could do a lot worse.

With tracks such as "Whisper's of Hope" and "Reject the Mould" Defying the Gods begs to sit next to In Flames' A Sense of Purpose on the CD rack, and if your copy of said album is looking a little lonely then I'd say pick this up. For anyone else, unless you want to be reminded of everything you hate about modern metal I'd say duck and take cover, because this will have you grimacing in no time.

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