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Finally, here comes that ship... - 90%

Gutterscream, April 4th, 2005
Written based on this version: 1990, Cassette, Independent

"...can you smell the sweetness?"

A shorter review for a shorter demo. This is the band’s final demo before the inevitable launch of their sole lp with all three songs also appearing on Dreaming With the Dead. This is also the demo that introduces progressive and even technical traits to the chaotic fray RC were flailing with, the start of “Seduction of the Innocent” being the flashlight to illuminate that budding aspect of the band that carries over into the lp version. Since the J-card of the demo has no info about band members (or anything else for that matter), it’s very likely this is where Erik Rutan joined the club, explaining the newly arrived tech approach, but don't hold me to that.

Apart from possibly a backing vocal delivery shift or two, the remaining pair of tracks, “Glorious Depravity” and “Sweetness”, are true to the lp versions’ post-mold. Scott Ruth’s vocals are still the hectic rant and the production is better than both past demos. If you were planning on seeking out this band’s demos, already have the DWTD, and aren’t a collector, bypass this one and go right for the first two to add those forgotten tracks and original versions to your library. The time used questing for three unaltered songs that don’t even run nine minutes and that you already have could be used for something more eventful, such as hunting down the ’96 Dim Mak demo.