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Ripper will rip you a new one with this album! - 100%

Akerthorpe, March 5th, 2016

Chile’s Ripper return with one hell of an album entitled “Experiment of Existence”. This band has been around since 2007 and in just 9 years they have 8 releases under their belts and have solidified their place in the world of underground metal. But, something within these 11 monstrous tunes tells me they are not content with that. They want the throne, and if I was any other band hearing this release, I might very well just hand it over to them. This release comes from so many directions to one focal point of melting your freakin’ face off.

Right off the bat I am going to mention the bass. It really stands out on this album. I’ve said it before, I love when bands do this and not use the bass as filler or an afterthought. The way they use it really adds a nice old school late 80’s feel to the tunes. The riffs are pretty standard for the material being presented, but it has a certain continuity and fluency lacking from other bands playing similar music. Another thing I like about the riffs is that it almost sounds like, even though it takes a back burner when compared to the solos, they blend in with the solos. They aren’t just incorporated as an aspect of “support” tying the other aspects of the music together. Also, even though the production is fairly thick and dare I say ever so slightly polished. There is some element that adds the gloomy feel of journeying into the unknown. This is a vibe I haven’t felt since the first time I heard Entombed’s “Left Hand Path”. In many ways, this takes you back to the old days and in that sense the music gives off this “old” and “creepy” vibe. Add to that vocals that are the embodiment of agony and severe insanity. If someone were to ask me what this album sounds like, I would have to tell them to take Kreator’s “Pleasure to Kill”, Autopsy’s “Ridden With Disease” demo, Atrophy’s “Violent by Nature”, Destruction’s “Eternal Devastation”, and finally Necrophagia’s “Season of the Dead” and you have pretty much summed up what’s going on here. This is absolute insanity people! While everything about this album takes you back, there is no doubt that Ripper is headed onward and forward. You just cannot stop a band like this. This is another band, what when you listen to them, you can tell that they have a respect for the “art” of true unadulterated metal. The reverence that these guys have for this genre of music is absolutely sick! From beginning to end, this album speaks volumes in terms of blood, sweat, tears, and respect all the way from themselves to the music and even the fans.

Once again, Unspeakable Axe Records has put out another release that speaks of nothing but hard work and quality metal. This is a band that has definitely gotten my attention. I will be making an effort to track down their back catalog and keeping an eye open for future releases. Thank you Unspeakable Axe Records for keeping the true metal flowing in the underground. You and the bands you release will always have my support!