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Legends In The Making - 90%

DanielG06, February 23rd, 2021

Riptide is a band that makes me proud to be involved in this scene of underground metal in England, as they are my favourite band in aforementioned scene. Despite not having as much material as Tortured Demon, Footprints in the Custard, Hellfekted etc, Riptide are without a doubt the penultimate act in the modern UK thrash era, and what's even more impressive is that these guys were 16/17 when this was recorded. At the time of writing this, I'm 14 and halfway through recording Deathblade's debut album, and the sheer amount of talent that's perpetrated throughout this song blows my mind, and I'm honestly quite envious that these guys managed to pull off this kind of songwriting at that age. Adam and Sean in particular are legends of their time.

The song starts with a calm, clean intro that I love, it's technical and melodic, but also juxtaposes the rest of the song which is maniacal and twisted. There's an epic, mind-bending solo after the intro, and then the main riff then kicks in, which dominates the track's runtime, but it's a very cool riff. The guitar and bass work is tight and fluent throughout. Every section is enthralling and ameliorates the atmosphere of the song. Variations of the main riff include chugging and demonic power chord patterns and drones. Halfway through the song there's a fantastic lead guitar melody, and the leads are definitely the best parts of the song. This then leads into a rapid and relentless riffing section, then morphing into a reprise of the intro, which is then altered to deliver a chilling final verse, and a crushing outro. Overall, the song structure is just pure genius, it's dramatic and despite being more than 6 minutes long, the song never suffers from fatigue or an overuse of repetition.

The drums are a bit simple but uphold the quality of the song, they aren't just a static programmed bore. Adam's vocals are high-pitched and his use of fry is good, but I personally think a deeper, more explosive vocal style would suit the song more. Still though, the vocals don't decrease the track's quality at all, and for someone who wasn't even an adult at the time, these vocals are pretty solid. The production of the song is quite dry, but the band is independent and I'm guessing this was self-produced, which makes it all the more impressive, but it still sounds great, and nothing sounds rushed or sloppy, the raw production actually works quite well and I think it makes the lead work sound better.

I think Riptide can and will be the next big thing in metal, they just need to sign to a label and release a full-length album. The potential and talent from these guys can't be wasted.