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RipCage - When the World Burns

One of the worst albums of 2022 - 2%

MorbidAtheist666, December 4th, 2022
Written based on this version: 2022, Digital, Independent

RipCage is a new metal band in the world of metal. They are from The Netherlands, but they don’t sound like a Dutch band at all. I’m guessing they’re influenced by mostly American bands. Their members are unknown, they’re anonymous and it’s a good thing they are anonymous. Their debut album is not that exciting at all. You’re not missing much with this album. The songs sound quite boring and dull. There are mostly mid-tempo songs that don’t offer much at all. There’s a little bit of fast instrumentation found, but it doesn’t make There’s a line this song where the singer “you wasted my fucking time” and he wasted my time. This album is truly bad. The album title is quite negative, it’s called When The World Burns. Seriously? We have enough negativity and pessimism out there. No need to put that garbage on an album.

Who is the singer on here? It doesn’t matter, he sounds like a total chump. The vocals are horrendously bad. He sings out of key on most of the songs. He has a pretty annoying voice. Definitely the worst vocal performance of 2022. I’m astounded by the shitty vocals. He doesn’t sound like he belongs in a heavy metal band. His vocals sound like something you’d find on some modern rock record. You are able to understand his singing (if you wanna call it singing), the lyrics he sings are quite pathetic and sad. Alone Again has the most pathetic lyrics I’ve listened to in a recent memory. He tries to sound good on Hero, but he fails. It sounds like he’s trying to be a hero on his track and he fails miserably. He tries to sound good on Emptiness Inside and he fails on this as well. The worst of the worst vocals are found on Restless to Explore and Our Negligence is a Sin. Our Negligence is a Sin song is total garbage. It sounds like he’s whining on these songs.

How’s the instrumentation on this? It’s mediocre and mundane. There’s no groundbreaking or spectacular instrumentation on this. All of the instruments sound balanced and clear. Even the bass is in there. The instrumentation totally sucks on this. Infected has decent guitar riffs on it, but it’s ruined by terrible vocals. The wah wah pedal on No Shame sounds pretty damn bad. I don’t think it sounds wonderful at all. It doesn’t improve the instrumentation at all. The bass playing and drumming are not noteworthy. I have no idea who the instrumentalists are. Their names are nowhere to be found, not even on their Facebook page. They’re not great at all.

The sound production is sterile as hell and it’s not impressive. This album is a waste of time. I can’t believe this was released. I tried looking for more info and Google thinks I mean “Rib Cage”, this band is a joke and they chose a bad name for their band. I’d rather listen to Meghan Trainor or even $uicideboy$ over this garbage. Hell, Nickelback is better than RipCage! This came from The Netherlands and that country is usually awesome with metal music. RipCage doesn’t rip out of the cage and they certainly do not rip. They are one of the worst new bands out there. I’d avoid this one, unless you’re super open-minded. This is by far one of the worst albums of 2022.