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Live for METAL! Kill for RIOTOR! - 100%

Werewolf, April 24th, 2009

After releasing the great debut demo last year, it didn’t take these Canadian Thrashers so long to supply another, in my opinion – even a better dose of FUCKING THRASH METAL WITH BALLS! So what he have here is 6 hymns of intense Thrash, that last for 22 minutes, packed in a great Pro-CD release, which is a rare case nowadays, when many young bands just “produce” CD-R’s or D.I.Y. tapes in the best case.

The highlight for me is the killer production, which doesn’t harm the natural rawness, without which this music would sound lame, yet is really clear and sharp, so you can hear every note and riff simply crystal clear. But what makes this demo a total perfection is the fact that the vokillz here are performed way better than in the 1st demo, while in the debut – they sounded like if the singer was talking for himself. This time you can hear a great Thrashy voice, think Petrozza meets Witchhammer from Witchtrap, but rawer! As for the rest of the band members – expect flawless stuff as well. The drumming is fast and intense and definitely not just punk beats but more interesting, though I don’t understand that much in drums. The guitar work is even better than in Death and Destruction in my opinion, supplying a great dose of fast flesh ripping riffs and solos. Sacrifice, Razor and Slaughter can be proud of their heirs, hehe! And what’s even more interesting – you can actually! hear the bass lines, and in some songs – there are parts performed by the bass exclusively and are really well done. The lyrics deal with the regular topics, such as anti-social stuff (Riotor) war (Nuclear Solution) and fucking… METAL!... What else could you expect? Let’s say Kreator, Nuclear Assault and Manowar wrote better and more interesting ones in the past, but they’re ok for what they are.

In short – if the first demo was Endless Pain – then this is Pleasure to Kill, and it’s only the beginning! There’s a real progress that can be heard and unlike the majority of nowadays cheap retro Thrash bands – this demo really has heart and sounds fresh and not recycled. I hope that Riotor will bring more stuff in this vein in the future and find a good label to release a full length; they deserve it way more than many others…

Hurry up and get your copy for 10$ PPD worldwide, as long as they’re available, since only 500 copies were pressed! LIVE FOR METAL, KILL FOR RIOTOR!