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Death, Insanity and Metal with balls! - 95%

Werewolf, April 24th, 2009

Canadian thrash bands always had some great stuff to suggest! Albums made by bands like Piledriver, Infernal Majesty, Sacrifice, Slaughter, and of course Razor, are ones of the most classic and important in the genre and influenced many bands during the years, so no wonder that, like in Germany and Brazil, it’s possible to find a young thrash band that can teach many other bands how to play real thrash as well! This is what happens when old people create music they grew up listening to, together with younger maniaks, who can’t be responsible for the fact that they were born later (like in Apokalyptic Raids).The result is fast, aggressive and not compromising whatsoever Thrash! Those who look for riffs, written in the best traditions of this genre and killer solos, but still sound refreshing and not recycled, shouldn’t think twice before ordering this demo!The 5 songs that this demo suggests won’t let the listener rest for a moment! This is Thrash for Thrashers and not for posers! By the way, talking about posers, the song Poser Hunt is another anthem you should recall next time you see an emo, haha!The only thing I don’t really like here is how the vokillz sound, since it sounds like the vokiller sings to himself. If his voice was a bit higher, maybe it would solve this problem. But after listening to this demo a few times, you can actually get used to it, because passing on such great riffs/solos just because of the vokillz is an unforgivable mistake! I'd also like to mention that the ending of the last song (Poser Hunt) is the sound of the last spins of a vinyl record. Great idea!