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Tip of the hat for these guys! - 100%

Krodah, April 19th, 2004

For me this album easily ranks among the best in Riot discography.
I can't imagine any hard'n'heavy fan to be indifferent to such exceptional musicianship and songwriting.
The songs here vary from somewhat oriental intro piece, to pure heavy metal songs (On The Wings Of Life, Sons Of Society, Dragonfire, The Law, Time To Bleed, Promises), to songs a little on the hard rock edge (Twist Of Fate, Bad Machine, Cover Me, Queen, Somewhere). On top of all that, superb rhythm section consisting of bassist Pete Perez and drummer Bobby Jarzombek constantly keeps a subtle progressive edge to the album, as they did on previous albums. Don't get me wrong, there aren't any unnecessary odd-time signatures or similar prog antics, they instead create really interesting breaks, both melodically and rhythmically.
They are very well matched by Mark Reale and Mike Flyntz, one of the greatest guitar pairs heavy metal has ever seen, at least in my own humble opinion. Very rare one finds a guitar team in the purest sense of the word, which works together as a unity for the band and not for their self-indulgence. And they can really shred, if they want to...
For the vocalist Mike DiMeo, it's more than enough to say that he was supposed to sing on Deep Purple's "The Battle Rages On" album, but 25th anniversary of the band brought Ian Gillan back and Mike's been gracing Riot with his outstanding and powerful vocals ever since and this record is no exception. Truly ranks among the best hard'n'heavy vocals.

Too bad that this great band is constantly so unrecognized and underrated, if anyone deserved accolades, they are the ones! But still they manage to survive in the cruel music industry world and release such strong albums...
Shine on!