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Lacks potential... - 79%

PowerMetalGuardian, August 22nd, 2003

Inishmore is a very powerful Riot album, but definitely not one of the best. The name sounds Celtic or Irish amd the opening track Black Water really gives it this Irish feel with the fiddle. It starts off powerful and lands a good impression, which however does not last. As it seemes, the song slows down, and thus the second track Angel Eyes is seems slow, though it is probably the fastest song on the album.

Music wise, the guitar riffs and licks are good, but one song sounds like the other on this album. And only a couple are actually memorable. Some songs have riffs that will put a 2 year old to sleep, while other songs have enough power to keep you up ready to rock, but not to headbang. Such songs would be Kings Are Falling and Should I Run. If you really want to see how slow and melodic this album is check out the song Watching the Signs. It has an awsome opening lick that is beautifully harmonized, but to melodic for my blood. Almost sounds like a song from a Japanese game I used to play on the Sega Genesis.

Another negative to this album is the singer's vocals. Lets just say Riot has had better singers in the past. He isn't bad at all, he just sounds like a typical singer and doesn't add anything to his vocals to make a good lasting impression. The only song he really shines out on is Inishmore (Forsaken Heart), and probably because the song isn't heavy at all, more quite, powerful, and choir like.

This album is good, I am not knocking it what so ever, but it could have been so much better. You have this awsome opening track that sets the mood real high, but then you have a bunch of fillers, maybe two or three real good songs. Then you end it with two songs Inishmore (Forsaken Heart), which is only a minute long, but reflects the theme that was placed in the opening track. Then the last track, Inishmore, which once again plays this theme with a heavier set. If all the songs would have related to a theme or would have been heavier paced leaving a better impression - then this album would have been gold. A good melodic metal album...if you dig that kind of stuff!