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Nice screaming speed metal - 92%

UltraBoris, August 13th, 2002

These guys have definitely heard of Judas Priest. Especially in the vocals department! Riot broke up in 1984, and were reformed in 1986 by sole remaining founding member Mark Reale, who recruited, among others, Harry Conklin. Harry left the band, and in came someone even more screaming and over-the-top: Tony Moore! The vocals here are very close to those of none other than Rob Halford, and when one throws in some blazing guitar work, and the drumming of none other than current Halford stickman Bobby Jarzombek, it's total fucking Judas Priest worship.

The first few songs on here are wicked fucking fast - almost Painkiller 2 years before the fact. They're catchy, and have nice lead and rhythm guitars, especially the main riffs on "Flight of the Warrior". It is on the fifth song where we slow down just a slight bit. "On Wings of Eagles" has almost a Deep Purple-on-crack sound to it (almost, but not quite that of Judas Priest, from "Screaming for Vengeance" era).

Side two begins features "Run for Your Life" (actually the second Riot song by that name, completely unrelated to the first, from the "Fire Down Under" album). This may be the best song on here - fast, furious, and a killer guitar solo. We close with the epic "The Telltale Heart", which is 9 minutes of fun. More midpaced than anything else, and the riffs have almost a thrash intensity to them.

Overall, quite a nice fucking album. I got this on tape once for 49 cents - fucken bargain, huh? Oh and don't let the band picture throw you off... yeah they got the silly big hair, but this album fucking shreds!!