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Re-Animator, Re-Animate Me! - 100%

tylr322, December 29th, 2010

I don't dish out a one hundred percent rating too hastily but this album is fully deserved of it. There is never a dull moment here and every track has enough energy to wake your dead grandma. In fact, the track "Re-Animator" will be fully appropriate for her re-animation, get it? Never mind.

The first thing you will notice when you are into the first few tracks is there is a heck of a lot of hyper fast tremolo picking involved in both the riffs and solos. The key is they are memorable as hell and each song pretty much keeps the same tempo without sounding boring or repetitive. Actually the leads are so astonishingly impressive most of the time that it can be difficult to focus on the drumming and bass, but they are indeed there and almost equally as impressive as the leads, the bass is actually surprisingly audible, particularly during most of the solos which keeps you headbanging, speaking of solos, you will hear some utterly hectic, distorted and insane ones during most songs, but not in an "all over the place" manner like a Slayer fest, they have a sense of direction and they seems to pop up at perfect times too, "Vampire" utilizes them to full effect and is one of the best thrash metal songs ever.

Now, the lyrics are pretty easy to follow, pain, gore, demons, death. There's a touch of humor about the whole thing but clearly they are purposely humorous. The vocal delivery is perfect for both the style of play and the lyrical content, aggressive and loud, like a more deeper, controlled Paul Baloff with a bit more of a sinister sound to them. It's almost impossible not to sing along with some of the choruses on songs like "Shroud Of Gloom", "Re-Animator" because of their catchy, furious rhythms. Even the bonus track "Foaming At The Mouth" is particularly fun to shout along: "I'm foaming! At the mouth! Now I foam! At the mouth! I also find myself humming nearly every riff in this album. Each song structure follows the same pattern, they don't bother boring us with any technicalities or plodding, it's all fast, impressive rhythms, fast impressive solos, fast impressive everything else, but are all easily individually recognizable.

The production is adequate, if anything suffers from bad production it's the drumming, luckily the drummer is more than adequate. There is really little to complain about other than that. Some tracks are lyrically based on horror movies like "Re-Animator" and "Wizard Of Gore" which makes it a bit more fun to listen to, especially if you've seen the films.

You may have a hard time picking favorite tracks because they are all exceptional. This album truly deserves all the praise it gets, which isn't much considering the quality of this effort, Good luck trying to get a copy.