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Beyond Godlike! - 100%

TeRRorBld, March 5th, 2010

I'm pretty sure God exists. He is a metalhead. He made this album under the Rigor Mortis monicker. There is no other possible explanation of why this album is so perfect!

Beyond my awful humour and overreacting, I have to say, this album is magnificent. No other thrash metal album can touch this. It's a hybrid of Morbid Saint, Whiplash's Power And Pain and Heathen. I've listened to this album a total of 30 times. Not once have I managed to properly use it as background music. It's impossible! This album is so full of energy, you just can't stop headbanging and screaming gory stuff.

First of all, the guitars. Mike Scaccia sure knows how to use his instrument. Every guitar riff and solo in this album, is outstanding. Alternating between thrash and death metal riffing, using tremolo picking, triplets and power chords, it sure is difficult to get bored. When it comes to guitar solos, one thing is sure. Never again have neo-classical solos and tapping been so brutal. It's unlike anything I' ve heard. Full of distortion, extremely fast and melodic. It feels like Malmsteen is covering Morbid Angel.

Moving on to the drums, I have to say I'm pretty impressed. Harden Harrison has put up an amazing performance. The drumming in this album is extremely fast paced. The best part, is the feeling you get from it, and that's anger. It's the definition of extreme metal drumming. What's extraordinary though, is how noticeable it is. Harden manages to draw your attention without any wanky playing or brutal blastbeats.

Now, about the vocals. Corbitt sure is a talented singer. His raspy voice fits the music perfectly. What's amazing is that he is able to sing/shout really fast without losing any word. That, mixed with gang shouting and some screaming, is a mind-blowing combination.

And finally, the bass guitar. What's the point anyway right? Great bass lines are practically non-existent in death/thrash metal. At least that's what I thought before I listen to this album. At times, you won't notice it's the bass playing instead of the guitar. It's not just audible, it's headbangable too. Just listen to that bass line in "Vampire". And I most certainly don't mean the intro.

To sum up, this album is everything a thrasher wants. It's brutal, it's fast and really intense. But, really now, what's sets this apart from everything else? Is it the riffs? The guitar solos? The drumming? Most certainly, not! It's the passion. These guys love what they're doing, and you feel it, the moment you press the play button. For me, that's what Metal is all about. Passion!

PS: I highly suggest you to purchase the remastered version, as "Foaming At The Mouth" and "Grudge Fuck" are masterpieces.