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Solid death/thrash - 78%

RequiredFields, April 12th, 2003

This is very heavy, very technical, extremely fast and extremely brutal death/thrash played with total cruelty. Mike Scaccia, the guitar player, is a demon on the guitar. He has to be one of the most technical guitar players in the genre. He is one of the fastest as well. He can shred!

If you like old school thrash and death metal, you will like this CD. Their are five songs on this EP, all of them are fast and brutally heavy. The album opens with "Freaks", which is one of the best songs ever. The CD contains pummeling riffs...prepare to break the neck that doesn't break! The album clocks in at about 25 minutes, but once the scream at the end of the closing track, "Chained in the Attic" is over, you will be on your knees begging for more. Rigor Mortis have a unique sound for a death/thrash band. Vocalist Doyle Bright is fucking pissed as hell, an underrated singer for sure. This is an underrated and overlooked thrash/death metal CD.