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Speeding thrash riffs that kick ass!! - 90%

PowerMetalGuardian, March 10th, 2003

I am gonna kill the fucker who said EPs suck! This album is filled with thrash riffs. You can't get thrashier than this. This album has the fast blast off riffs and constant drum beat (ie. Freaks), but manages to have the slow riff and constant drum beat (ie. Cattle Mutilation). The riffs are just plain out thrastacular!

The beginning of Freaks is filled with headbanging riffs. Six Feet Under has one of the coolest, and most technical, thrash solo. A strong thrash EP. I can see why these guys are kind of death metal, but then again not really. The vocals are excellent, straight out thrash vocals. They kind of sound like Venom at points. He even lets out a loud scream at the end of Chained in the Attic. But for most of the time the vocals are very low style and growly!

Production for an EP is overall great, no problems here. Even on the song Haunted towards the end of the song they use this cool vocal distorted thing so the vocals are faded!!! Straight out thrash metal that kicks ass! I recommend this to any thrash metal head!!!!!!!