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Is hiding RM's true ferocity the strategy here? - 80%

Gutterscream, July 10th, 2017
Written based on this version: 1988, 12" vinyl, Capitol Records

“…we are instruments of evil, we come straight from hell…”

About six months after their debut singed Capitol’s checkbook good, the label still saw fit to finance the Texan quartet’s follow-up single that’s comprised of tracks from the album - straightforward n’ toothy “Demons” and wordless “Welcome to Your Funeral” - the full-length’s numbers two and one slots respectively.

Now, it’s on the unusual side for a two-song metal single to find an instrumental grooved into it, even if it’s the b-side like here. A funk single? Sure. Disco? You betcha. Any disc having ‘DJ promo copy’ printed on its center label? Why, certainly. For metal, instrumentals frequently aren’t an act’s strongest forte and often garner less attention than songs with lyrics unless it's “March of the Crabs”, “Live, Suffer, Die” or “Genghis Khan”. Therefore, whilst “Welcome to Your Funeral” and its free-flying soloing spectacle of a Scaccia kind definitely isn’t three and a half minutes of oven fodder, it’s not of the mightier specimens Rigor Mortis have going for ‘em.

“Demons”, while affirmatively slouchless and cannonball-heavy, also tends to pale to other creations that climbed outta Rigor Mortis’ vat of horrors, but hey, if this single is someone’s initial RM whiplash, it’ll probably do just fine directing a thrash fan to the self-titled’s other ferocious festivities.