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Relentless Torment - 96%

hellhippie, March 6th, 2009

This demo is heavy . Two of the members in this early death metal band went on to form the once great "Immolation" . Now there are bound to be reactions from me calling Immolation a one time great but this isn't about them is it ? No, this is about Rigormortis .

This demo was brutally tortuous for the time and still has that appeal after all these long years . The first thing that comes to mind when listening is a tribe of post apocalyptic mutants dancing around a barren wasteland of a city stoking dimly lit fires in garbage cans as their only source of warmth and light diminishes . This was not a overtly satanic band but rather a sort of end of all times band . That vibe is continuous throughout the recording .

Unforgiving in their delivery this band is not for someone looking for any sense of melody or harmony and that's exactly what was intended here . The vocals are really deep heavy and gritty . The feeling once again is that of total apocalypse . The lyrics are very primal and work amazingly well with this sort of band . On all three songs they provide a perfect guttural sense of despair . The vocalist is unbelievably tortured, twisted and tormented sounding in what can only be described as a perfect delivery here .

The guitar and bass sound is extremely heavy as well . A simple song structure is immediately apparent even to the casual listener of death metal . (but really who listens to this great band casually ?) The songs are very catchy and all have a great "hook" to them which has kept me coming back since the eighties . The drummer also contributes to the very cold primal sound of this band . The songs don't contain an abundance of speed but have an almost frantic appeal to them nonetheless . These are early death metal classics for sure . Evil unforgiving and in your face heavy they will not disappoint the die hard death metal maniac as they've never disappointed this one .

I will always remember the day I got this tape from Will from "Mortician" long before he and my buddy Matt created the aforementioned band . Being from New York had its perks back in the day I guess as he was friends with Rigormortis . Luckily for me they have already provided years and years of grim repugnant listening pleasure and fond memories of being a kid blown away by what was about to happen around me; death metal getting huge . This one's a keeper .