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Into The Black Thrones Of Sitra Ahra - 74%

Mysticus, February 13th, 2011

I’ve been waiting for this release a long time and finally it’s here. This split is released as 7"EP on black wax and it’s limited to 200 pieces only.

Greeks Riddle Of Meander play fast and raw black metal with some melodic arrangements. The sound is filthy and rough in the traditions of early Norwegian era and together with music reminds me old Norwegian-way so all fans of old Darkthrone and Gorgoroth could be very pleased although there isn't anything new or original in their music.

“Through the Black Mirror of Algol” is decent black metal song but Slovak Warmarch is taking all the fame with their mid-paced style on this EP. “…And Chaos it Shall Be…” sounds like occult ritual for the opening of hell. Essential song with ghastly atmosphere and occult lyrics nailed with unholy, painful vocals and the monumental guitar solo in the end of the song. I am big fan of their previous releases but this one is pretty different…. A shame that the band doesn’t work together anymore, because this band was really promising.

55% for Riddle of Meander, 93% for Warmarch.