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Fucking awesome little death metal gem! - 95%

Monstro_City, April 18th, 2010

So, you like that album Dreadful Pleasures by Revolting, do you? And you say that you're pretty flippin' savvy to Micheal Akerfeldt's vocal style from the first Bloodbath album as well? Step right up then, you lucky little dingus, you. If you own this, or could own this, or could listen to this, you'd know right away that this is top notch Ribspreader material, as it surpasses Revolting in technical composure and the essential quantity of riffs. That's right, lots more riffs, a lot.

Personally, I don't like much of the other pieces of material that Rogga is responsible for. Rotten Rhythms and Rancid Rants was actually pretty shitty. It was repetitive as hell, and there was absolutely no energy. Vicar Mortis is incredible, it's primo Revolting material before they signed to Razorback Records (one of the best labels out there; I mean, really, if you have a problem with Razorback-imagine how much of a bag of dicks the competition looks like such as Relapse and Century and Candlelight and Roadrunner and Earache and Century's parent Nuclear Blast. Vicar Mortis will actually deliver, to your home, a postage payed bag of severed dicks of these labels whom collectively have fountain-headed the cream of the crap).

The only reason this little badass motherfucker doesn't reel in 100% is because it's too damn small. Three songs on here if you don't count the intro. But that's the law of the land, focus your material and cut the nonsense and the equation results in better, stronger stuff. But, one or two more songs of this type of fodder would be apeshit-fantastic. And this 7" LP is wonderful quality vinyl. That's the thing, if she was a full-length release, the baby would be on 180 g! Nice n' heavy, just like the fucking music. Good work Rogga, you just recently released Revolting's sequel album. Haven't heard it yet, which means I might lose my dick soon. I'm gonna go take care of that.