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No triumph, just agony - 55%

BisonWeapon, May 3rd, 2007

Rhapsody is an epic orchestral based power metal band that plays beautiful moving music with aggressive booming drums, blazing guitars, soaring vocals, and epic choirs.

So this is new and "improved" Rhapsody, now known as Rhapsody Of Fire. I guess with a new watered down name they decided to water down their music. This latest effort is but a shadow of the mighty Rhapsody. They didn't pull a 180 and totally change their sound, everything on this CD still sounds like Rhapsody but it sounds like something is missing. Listening back through all their other CDs to try to find what exactly what was missing, it's their inspiration and their balls. The main thing that is different about this album is the absence of aggressive metal, just a whole bunch of mundane ballads. Triumph and Agony just sounds like Rhapsody going through the motions of song writing, just to put out another CD.

Rhapsody reached their pinnacle on Symphony of Enchanted Lands, and slowly diminishing each album but not missing the mark by much. This is the first time Rhapsody has totally dropped the ball. These guys where once the kings of epic neo-classical power metal, now they enter the world of mediocrity.

There is seriously only one good song on this CD, and that is Silent Dream. The funny thing about that song its the least Rhapsody-esque song. It sounds more like standard power metal than anything else. If you are thinking about buying this CD stop right now, go out and buy Fairyland's new CD. It sounds more like Rhapsody then Rhapsody Of Fire, you'll thank me later. It really pains me to say all this because Rhapsody is easily one of favorite bands of all time.

Worthwhile tracks: Silent Dream, Son of Pain