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Anyone notice the band Yes hanging around? - 75%

ijy10152, May 1st, 2012

First I must say that I have listened to all of Rhapsody's music and I know it all by heart. I noticed a pattern here. Each saga starts off really symphonic and lighter with plenty of speed and metal laced in. Then as the saga progresses it just gets heavier and heavier culminating in the heaviest work to the present times (Power of the Dragonflame and From Chaos to Eternity are both Rhapsody's heaviest work and the end of a saga). This is the start of their second saga and starts off like I just said light and very symphonic with plenty of power metal intertwined. Also Christopher Lee being on this album just blew my mind the first time I heard it and officially makes Rhapsody's second saga the greatest story concept album set of all time.

The best tracks on here are Unholy Warcry, Sacred Power of Raging Winds, Shadows of Death and Never Forgotten Heroes. Sacred Power of Raging Winds really reminds me of the band Yes for some reason. The progressive/ symphonic side of this song really make it fun to listen to. This song is a really good example of symphonic power metal and really brings out Rhapsody's distinctive style. My favorite part is Luca's little duet with the flute player towards the end. Unholy Warcry is the power metal gem of this album, setting a metal standard and not just creating a good single, but a great metal hit that will be remembered for all time in the power metal genre. Shadows of Death is in the style of Sacred Power, but a little bit more metal with some really good guitar and keyboard sections. Never Forgotten Heroes is another spectacular symphonic metal song with some really cool Latin choir work to open it and a really catchy chorus, this song is a good follow up to Unholy Warcry. Elgard's Green Valleys was really unnecessary and personally I find it boring, but it just about everything else on this is very good with lots of progressive/symphonic metal. It's very complex which I really like, but it still manages to be very catchy and every second of this album is worth listening to.

Now I want to touch on the story a bit; this is the beginning of the new "Dark Secret" saga and right from the get go Christopher Lee explains what is going on and how this connects to the previous saga. I think that Christopher Lee doing the narrations was a brilliant idea and he really does an effective job and makes it sound less corny and more like you're listening to a movie (like the fellowship of the ring). The story comes back into play with a narration after the introduction with Unholy Warcry which talks about how the good guys need Dargor (a character from the previous saga) to get them into Dar-kunor where the lost seventh book that is supposed to resurrect an ancient god of evil known as Nekron (whom was defeated by angels 5000 years ago or something like that) is supposed to be and only he knows the way. Then Erian's Mystical Rhymes is where a secret council meets and decides who will go looking for the lost seventh book. Then in Sacred Power of Raging winds it depicts a scene where Dargor is battling with his demon half and struggling to overcome the evil inside him. The album ends with the heroes entering Dar-Kunor.

All in all a very satisfying start to a new story and a very good way to introduce it with some very excellent music (as usual) behind it, you should definitely get this album.