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At a push, mediocre - 66%

Dulthasil, March 23rd, 2008

Symphony of Enchanted Lands II is by no means a bad album. As you would expect with a band such a Rhapsody it does exactly what it says on the tin, yes it's ridiculous, the lyrics are beyond a joke and the classical parts sound like they're out of a second rate fantasy film. But quite frankly if you dislike any of the previous ideas then it makes you wonder why you would listen to it in the first place. Allow me then, to clarify why the relatively low score.

As an album it contains some variety, "The magic of the wizards dream" and "Unholy warcry" clearly sound different so they do in fact have 60% of all power metal albums beaten from this perspective. The classical writing although in Classical terms is very primitive, is effective in places, you cannot possibly say Rhapsody are not good at what they do.

The only main problem I have with this album is that it all sounds a little too familiar. They say in music if you have a good idea repeat it, however I do feel that making a career out of one idea (especially in the drumming) is a bit much. To me that is lazy songwriting it is very similar to what they were doing with Legendary Tales it's just back then they didn't have the budget. Their main selling point appears to be their idea of "Hollywood metal" as if it's an original concept, but it sounds strained, overused and frankly like they're running out of decent ideas.

If you are a person who enjoys all power metal you will probably enjoy this, it is in a different league to something as pointless and repetitive as Power Quest, but just because the music on this album is better than something truly terrible does not make it excellent. Guitar is less dominant on this album, but for me this actually improved it, despite the occasional noteworthy solo Rhapsody's guitar is on the whole uninspiring.

By no means a bad album however not a distinctly good one either, it certainly doesn't inspire, nor does it stand out as outrageously bad.