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They could be better - 78%

Benign_Hypocrite, October 9th, 2004

After the EP “The Dark Secret” which was a very good musical work Rhapsody released their new album with the name “Symphony Of Enchanted Lands Part II” a name that made us remember the second album of Rhapsody,”Symphony Of Enchantend Lands” which is one of their best in their career.Ok,now lets see if Rhapsody make a worthy heir to their past album.The album starts with the narration of Christopher Lee,”The Dark Secret”,very good idea,the voice of Christopher Lee is absolutely perfect for the narration of the album,gives more epic and theatrical type in the whole work.

The first song is “Unholy Warcry”,here we listen the epic and melodic keyboard tunes and the awesome choir.The voice of Fabio is one of the best I’ve ever heard,melodic,beautiful and emotional!One of the best in the power metal world.”Unholy Warcry” is one of the best songs in the album,fast rhythm changes and a catchy chorus here combined with the choir singing.The song is being interrupted by the narrator but then it blows up again.The guitar work is very good here,Luca makes fucking good solos.

”Never Forgotten Heroes” another melodic song from Rhapsody,it starts quietly but then builds up,very melody here and a great epic chorus,very good song.I like also the solo very much in this song. “Elgards Green Valleys” is just a musical part,I don’t thing that tracks like this give anything more in the album.Its just loss of time.

The fifth track “The Magic Of The Wizards Dream” is another melodic,epic ballad song that Rhapsody made for us.The chorus is very strong in this song,full of this epic feeling.Now we have a long epic track,theres two of them in the album,”Erians Mystical Rhymes” and “Sacred Power Of The Raging Winds”,the first is one of the classic long-epic songs of Rhapsody,you riffs and sudden rhythm changes,epic melodies and great vocals of course.

In this album the classic music feeling is bigger I think that there is more classic music here from the past albums.The bass is strong but the guitar is somehow “tired” but the guitar solos are crystal clear!The keyboard and guitar solos are still great.Some will say that the narration also is boring but I like the narration in this album gives a theatrical feeling.

”The Last Angels Call” is one of the common Rhapsody songs,not something special here,only a beautiful chorus.”Dragonlands River”,hm,another song with no meaning?A folkish track with no meaning I would say,I don’t like this stuff at all,I think that these songs are useful for the following songs,just that.

The ninth song is “Sacred Power Of Raging Winds” and I think that is the best track in the album,the dialogue here between the son and the demon-father is fucking awesome.Very good stuff.Full of dramatic and epic elements.”Guardiani” is one of the epic ballads of Rhapsody,yet it isnt something common,the chorus is very good,very epic I would say!One of the best refrains I’ve heard,I enjoy it every time I hear to it.

The other two songs are not something special,common Rhapsody tracks.Overall this album is good.However I would like Rhapsody to make something heavier and with no so much keyboards and choirs.I think that they can make something like that.The guitar sound here is weak I hope in their following album we will here strong guitar sound and not so much classic music!Even these things I liked this album,sure its recommended for a Rhapsody fan or someone who like music and melodic power metal.But if you like heavy things I wouldn’t recommend this album to you.