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You are not supposed to be this pompous - 52%

extremesymphony, October 29th, 2010

This album sounds too cheesy and pompous even for my standards. Rhapsody's second effort is an epic concept album based on some Tolkienesque fantasy tale about which I won't go in detail. The main problem of the album is that it lacks power. The music is too light even for regular power metal fans.

Among individual performances, the main star is the guitarist Luca Turilli. His neoclassical guitar work is the highlight of the album. His leads are melodic and sound epic at the same time though not as flowing and epic as Lanvall. His riff work in the album is pretty weak. There just aren't enough riffs to keep the listener glued. Whatever riffs are present, they are poor quality, recycled riffs from major power metal bands. The vocalist, Fabio Lione in many aspects sounds like Kiske and it is indeed a great thing.He has a great range and uses his voice perfectly. The drumming is OK in the fast parts, but overall isn't very technically challenging. Keyboards and orchestra play a major role in the album. The keyboards are used in the most cheesy manner which will make even the silliest of Helloween songs wince. The production is bad. The guitar is buried deep in the mix, far underneath the keyboards and one has to struggle to listen to the riffs.

Among the individual songs, Epicus Furor is a little cheesy intro. The opener Emerald Sword starts promising, but when the keyboards enter, the song becomes too fluffy. Overall not a bad song. Wisdom Of The Kings, stars softly, but develops quickly. It has good pace, great chorus and they haven't messed up with the keyboards. Overall this is the best song from the album. Heroes Of The Lost Valley is one the most silly interludes ever made. It contains soft keyboards, narration, sound of birds and animals, sounds of war all in the cheesiest manner. War Of Wrath this is not. Beyond The Gates Of Infinity, Eternal Glory, Dark Tower Of Abyss are silly songs just as their names suggest. They contain all elements a cheesy flower power metal band could think of. High spirited chorus, melodic leads, orchestral elements, keyboards, balladry, narrations all twisted together to sound incoherent in an attempt to make the music progressive. Wings Of Destiny is an ob;obligatory flower power metal ballad, but surprisingly it doesn't sound bad thanks to a great vocal performance by Fabio Lione. Riding The Wings Of Eternity again sounds good. Great riffs on this song, some of the best from the album. Though they throw in some balladry in this song, it doesn't sound too bad. The closer title track is one of the most incoherent songs ever written. The song is divided into 4 sections and yet if the sections were made as individual songs, they still would have sounded incoherent and meaningless. It is one thing to write a long complex song and other thing to keep it interesting throughout it's length. Satan's Fall, this is not.

Overall this album is too much over hyped. The choruses of the songs are good.....well that is the only thing in it. The rest song construction is vomit inducing. even if the songs would have been made compact and to the point, they are too cheesy to be digestible. The lyrics aren't much inspiring either, they don't elaborate the story much. Some would say that this album is fast, melodic and catchy, true, but more than half of the songs from the album are filled with useless keyboards and shit balladry. The pace changes are dull and don't sound great. The album lacks edge. The story doesn't always revolve around glory and great destiny. The music fails to bring the feel out of the album. I can't imagine the story here like I see Agamemnon and Agisthos fighting for their life when I listen to Great Sword Of Flame or imagine high towers and bloody battles when I hear Time Stands Still ( At The Iron Hill ). So concluding, there are only a handful of bands which can make great symphonic concept albums having edge and with output like this, Rhapsody is surely not one of them.