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Flower metal STILL sucks - 32%

UltraBoris, December 30th, 2002

Now this isn't as bad as Sonata Arctica, but it is still horrible in that the guitar work is drowned out by the endless layers of keyboards upon keyboards. Not always, just too often.

For example, the all-hailed intro song, "Emerald Sword". Nice intro riff (total Gamma Ray worship) but then the keyboards take over and it gets so light and fluffy and yes, the guitars are there but the riff they play are mediocre. Then, under the verses... Helloween called, they instruct you to use the "Ride the Sky" riff sparingly, otherwise it loses its powerful effect...

Kai Hansen, you people aren't. The songs just move along very overfast for the most part, without being particularly memorable, except maybe in the choruses, which are nice and epic but not nearly enough to save the hideosity of the verses. See "Blind Guardian" for how to do European-styled epic metal correctly without losing the edge.

The next problem is - too much balladic filler. Is there really anything to be gotten out of "Heroes of the Lost Valley" for example? It does little but to break up flower metal song after identical flower metal song. That's really it - because they couldn't come up with some good DIFFERENT (non-Freewheel-Burning-ripoff) riffs, they had to overtly change the tone of the album every once in a while with a crappy ballad.

Exercise skip button. Well, exercise not getting this CD, first of all!

One highlight... maybe... "Riding the Winds of Eternity". Somehow the riffs under the verses are decent. Or, just louder in the mix. And the leads are pretty cool... there is no mistaking that there is a good sense of melody, but it shouldn't entirely dominate the songwriting so much that the poor riffs are lost.