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An Epic Album - 98%

ThousandLakes, September 4th, 2005

I never listened to a sample of Rhapsody till just recently, as many people have given them a bad label, calling them "Flower Metal" and Power Metal Pussies. But once I finally saw one individual praise Rhapsody (and this album in particular), I dropped all of the bad advice I had listened too, and gave them a shot. Sure enough, I found "Symphony of Enchanted Lands", but its price tag was a shocking $27.99 Canadian. Before putting the album back in its spot due to the very high price, I said 'What the Hell' and went over to the listening booth...

...The opening track, "Epicus Furor" is a classic Power Metal intro, just an orchestra sounding piece, common in many albums. But following, "Emerald Sword", is one of the best Power Metal tracks you'll EVER hear period. It was my first full Rhapsody experience, and sure it may be a bit cheesy sounding, and symphonic, but the song is pure EXCELLENCE!! Next up, "Wisdom of the Kings" begins with a very peaceful sounding guitar interlude, followed by more Top Notch Power Metal. "Heroes of the Lost Valley" is basically an instrumental, and I'd soon find out later it's something Rhapsody does often in all of their albums. There always fine to listen to, but I was really anxious to hear more of this albums Strong music, and sure enough, the next track did it perfect....

..."Eternal Glory" seconds this album as my favorite track only to "Emerald Sword". Its long 7 minutes never get tiring to listen to. Definitely one of my favorite choruses done by any band in any genre! "Beyond the Gates of Infinity" is a track I find similar to "Eternal Glory". Very close in length, and very close in song structure, maybe not quite as good though. Still, a fabulous song to put into your CD Player. Following, "Wings of Destiny" is a slow epic piece of music. One to listen to when a loved one dies I'd like to say. Kind of lame, but hey, there's plenty of other songs to fulfill it. "The Dark Tower of Abyss" is another phenomenal tune on this album. Not much else to say, it's full of great all-around solos though! Next up, "Riding the Winds of Eternity", reminds me of "Wisdom of the Kings" a fair bit. A good track, but there's better on the album, including "Wisdom of the Kings".

The album is concluded with a 13 minute song, the album title, "Symphony of Enchanted Lands". It's a very fun tune to listen too, so many different sections. It's basically several tracks put into one, but it's all tied together very nicely. Once you see its lengthy 13 minutes, you probably won't want to sit through the whole song, but trust me, it's worth it.

So never listen to anyone's opinion of an album, unless you know you agree with it. I'm deeply grateful I found myself listening to Rhapsody, because they've been one of my Power Metal gateway groups, and they top my Power Metal lists. Fabulous band, and a Phenomenal album!