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Don't listen if you're pregnant! - 82%

bartosso, February 24th, 2013

Thanks to Jonas a.k.a. UMUR and the list of the best free and legal metal music on the MMA forum, I've discovered Revocation and their newest ep, "Teratogenesis". Yep, it is released for free and it's great. What a treat! A fast, furious, and adventurous ride. A thrashy, deathly, hair-scorching bomb blast. A teratogenic roller coaster it is.

"Teratogenesis" is one of those modern death/thrash metal albums that you're tempted to call progressive, but that's not really the case. Every genre can be original to some extent without necessarily being "progressive". The music here is a modern-sounding, groovy, technical thrash metal with semi-death/semi-thrash vocals that's a little bit reminiscent of metalcore screaming. The album boasts quite unrestrained songwriting within the scope of the genre with an intriguing diversity of moods and, most of all, an excellent flow. Besides classic thrash metal riffs, the band interspersed the music with clever tech-death themes, cool melodic solos, and quite elaborate variations that keep your attention riveted throughout.

I haven't heard any of Revocation's full-length albums, but I'm pretty sure that calling "Teratogenesis" their showpiece wouldn't be an exaggeration. It's an extremely enjoyable piece of technical death/thrash metal that combines tradition with modernity. Essential to all thrash metal fans.

Tracks by ratings: 9/10[fantastic]: The Grip Tightens || 8/10[great]: Bound by Desire; Spurn the Outstretched Hand; Maniacally Unleashed; Teratogenesis || OVERALL = 82/100

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