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Getting closer - 79%

BloodIronBeer, November 16th, 2012

This EP is a bit less bluesy, jazz-esque, a bit more keen on putting the progressive nuances into the metal riffage itself; and I am not opposed to that. It's a smidge more death metal than previous efforts, and very consistently good; which is a problem I've had regarding this band. All of their previous material has had too much filler, and the blues/jazz thing seemed a bit forced from time to time.

Here, you can hear influences such as later Death and Atheist, there is lots of ornate thrash riffs, and bass parts that really fill out the music. Manically Unleashed has some seriously great riffage, great drum switch-ups/fills and absolutely killer guitar solo, the end of the song is a good example of where I think the band is heading, and I like this - the jazz and blues feel are there but toned down, and more genuine feeling. If they can put out a collection of songs that are as solid as this track, they will have a legitimate album.

Unfortunately, the end of the last track that seems to meander, and fails to punctuate what is being done, it lacks punch, like filler tracks from before. I'm still not a fan of Davidson's yell-style thrash vocals, and there is a harmlessness to the songs. I can't really tell what it is that makes Revocation less lethal than they should be, but it's always been there.

This is how I look at this band and release: a serious band because they obviously have talent, and a unique sound, but they have yet to refine it to the point of being a genre leader. They have to be able to stop making parts of songs that feel forced, and consistently crank out high octane, high quality riffs. I look at this band as being a tier down from bands like Obscura, Death and Anata. It may be that Davidson is just a pure guitarist and not much of a song writer - I don't know. The Grip Tightens and Manically Unleashed are really good tracks, the other tracks have some level of the same issues, but they seem to be focusing on fixing them. Getting closer, but I'm curious as to what the next release will hold.