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Do not expect it to sound like Death. - 75%

norcalslayings, November 12th, 2012

So, I will make this clear, I love Revocation, and I love Death. They are, in fact, two of my favorite metal bands. But, I think this cover does no justice for Death, or even Revocation in that matter.

The problem with covering a song is that people will always try and compare it to the original and argue about which is better. In this case, Death's original is better. I'm not saying it is leagues above Revocations cover effort, it's just better.

This isn't a bad cover, they obviously know how to play "Pull the Plug". They have the music down completely, I think its Dave's vocals that ruin this cover for me. I love Dave's vocals and though he is often criticized for them, I think he has a good range and unique voice. Sadly, it just doesn't click on this track for me. It leaves me wondering why they did not cover an Atheist song or a more technical band (or even a later era Death song) that better fits their style. Over all though, it is a decent cover. I want to see them cover more songs though. As far as I know, this is the only cover they have ever recorded.

Pros- It's fucking Revocation, covering fucking Death.

Cons- It's Revocation, covering Death.