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Well, this is an improvement for sure - 80%

Feast for the Damned, June 8th, 2019
Written based on this version: 2009, Digital, Relapse Records (Bonustrack version)

YES! This is it! A Revocation album that's worthy to be compared to Sanity's Aberration. While the previous 2 releases had some really boring material, it's not the case here. Most of the songs here are catchy, yet heavy and well written. Also the fact that the thrash metal elements are back in the game again deserves a round of applause.

While the thrash metal elements were really lacking (if not missing entirely) in the previous 2 releases, this album isn't fucking around trying to be a generic tech death band. The lineup remained the same since 2000, but honestly I am perfectly fine with that as long as they can make music like this. The first track Enter the Hall is one of the best intros I have heard. It has that very thrash vibe to it especially with the main guitar solo. Then we are run over by the bark fest complemented with a riff that has both technical death metal elements and thrash metal. This lovely mixture being Pestilence Reigns. The band's strongest factor for me has always been that they manage to mix tech death with thrash metal so well while retaining the natural flow of the songs and oh man, does this album showcase that amazingly? Every single song from start to finish has this great technical feel to it while the death metal and thrash metal elements are dueling through each song. Sometimes you get the barking thrash vocals, but with blast beats and other death metal bits on the instruments, other times it's the exact opposite: growls with thrash metal style riffs.

Despite all this positive elements it's nowhere near the best album from the band to this date (let alone a perfect record). While I like most songs on the record there is 1 that I find worse than the others. Obviously it's the Exhorder cover. While I like both bands, I don't think the song suits Revocation at all. While I like the rest of the songs, they are not memorable enough. They are missing that tiny bit of catchiness that can be found on later records. This doesn't mean they are bad, but if I think about Revocation these songs won't be the first that will come to my mind.

Overall this album was the first step in the right direction for the band and it was also the first album under the name of Revocation that could compete with the other titans of the genre (e.g. Obscura (especially since the released their magnum opus the same year as this album came out), Martyr, Spawn of Possession etc.), but there is still space for improvement.