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I feel like I'm droooooooooowning - 78%

Vaibhavjain, January 26th, 2009

Reverend Bizarre. A band that in such a short period of time captivated and stunned it’s listeners and followers by its releases that changed the face of doom right in front of our very eyes. The band’s three full-length releases are considered holy and sacred, and are the very epitome of what doom stands for today. However, what rather confuses me is the fact that why the band’s EP’s were rather looked over forgotten about (except of course, Harbinger Of Metal.

“Thulsa Doom” is another such EP, which in my opinion is rather overlooked. This EP consists of just 2 songs and lasts about fifteen minutes. The first track is done by the founder and ingenious mind of the band, Albert Witchfinder and the second is done by Lord Vicar who has know started a solo project which is dedicated to what else, but doom?

The first track is a slab of such perfect; such flawless doom that words cannot describe it. This track starts off with the sound of nails being hammered through a man and his screams of pain. A string of crushing riffs and extremely haunting vocals follows this. The track is very much in the vein of early doom bands like Pentagram, Candlemass, Saint Vitus and Black Sabbath. The atmosphere Mr. Witchfinder creates is nothing short of amazing and is in all ways a complete classic. I personally would not be a bit surprised if this had been on the band’s classic debut album. The chorus of the track (Contemplate this/ on the tree of suffering) is said with such authority that it will permanently burn a mark in your head and is my moment of the album.

The second track, “Children Of Doom” is not nearly as good as the previous track. The trance like drum beat which signals the start of a new track from the band (which by the way is done by Lord Vicar) got me interested but only for a short while. The guitar tone in this track is downright bad and the vocals are ineffective as they were effective in the EP opener. The riffs are good but the guitar tone ruins it completely. Reverend Bizarre is a band, which likes to keep it music slow, majority of the time but when they decide to up the tempo they do so extremely successfully, but when they try to do this time everything falls apart. This track basically ruins whatever the first track had done to captivate the listener. This is an extremely mediocre track considering the band’s unimaginably high standards.

This EP is a must have for the fans of this legendary band. I’d give the first track a fifty out of fifty and the second track not a point over twenty five. That brings the total of this release to 75, but I give an additional 3 points just for the chorus of the first track. HEAR THIS!