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Reverend Bizarre - Thulsa Doom - 95%

Paskamato, April 7th, 2007

As doom-metal played as preached by Reverend Bizarre usually is not easy music due the lenght of records - at least I cannot easily find time for a 70 minutes long cd. Thus this 7" with two exclusive songs gets really much playing in my record player - it has 15 minutes of one of the best doom around.

"The tree of suffering" on the side A is quite traditional song by Reverend Bizarre, expect for its short length (not much over six minutes). The main riff ain´t perhaps worth the A-side of a single, but as it is comped with nice little solos (not traditional heavy metal ones!) and supported with Rev.Bizs really tight playing, this song is well worth listening.

On the flipside, "The Children of Doom" is probably just as long song as you can put on a 7", 8min 24s. The song starts slowly (what a surprise!) with Albert singing really low. Hypnotic drumbeat and very simple but catching riff here. After a while, a minimalistic solo starts to follow the riff.
Just as the listener gets used to the slow tempo of the song, Reverend Bizarre puts on their NWOBHM-gear, really rocking faster part which lasts just long enough to be noticed, then the band reminds again that this is doom-metal, after all. The songs ends with a fine, melancholic backing choir-singing, after which the listener can´t move for a while. Really great!

To sum it up: A-side is quite fine but what makes this single really worth buying (to those who aren´t Reverend Bizarre worthsippers already!) is the B-side with its almost epic doom anthem. Not perfect, but one solid song plus one really great one still gives it a high rank.