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Music Carl Panzram Would Listen To - 85%

Nihilistic Rust, March 3rd, 2012

Revenge is a Canadian black metal band. Or should I say, bestial black metal. Bestial black metal, to those unfamiliar with the term, is a sub-genre of the black metal sub-genre that features elements from thrash and death, and was pioneered by the likes of Blasphemy, also Canadian. It's usually fast, brutal, and full of black rage and hatred. If you've heard any other release by Revenge, then you'll find absolutely no surprises here. But it's a good thing, really. There are always bands that expand the boundaries of the genre, but not many bands actually pull it off well. Revenge does.

Spewing vitriol in a vehement take on blackened death with a punky edge, accompanied with vocals that sound like a pack of wolves gnawing ravenously at a pillow. Anti-human riffs and odd (or nonexistant) structures that occasionaly burst into random solos with insane and relentless blast beats, this is nihilistic rage personified. You'll find no difference in the songs here, as they're usually the same merciless skirmishes on your aural temples. After a couple of listens, though, you'll somehow tell each song apart, whether by a small riff here, or a noisy bit there. That's irrelevant though; one does not simply listen to bestial black metal for the songwriting. One listens to it because he likes his metal raw, noisy, inexorable, and blasphemous to the bone. This album doesn't sound like it's eight different songs, but a single assault on everything you know. The only track that stands out here is "Scorned Detractor (Trust No One)," for some reason.

So if you don't like chaotic walls of noises full of rabid dogs barking as they gnaw your flesh while wardrums play to the sound of an army marching towards a peaceful village to rape and pillage, don't waste your time on this. You'll just get mad at people. But if you do like incoherent blitzkriegs, anything Revenge has done up to this point, any other bestial black metal band has done, listen to this.