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Nails You Down and Beats You - 87%

FaultyClockwork, May 20th, 2012

Thickly distorted, grinding guitars. Blast beats. Growls and gurgles that spit out presumably violent lyrics you couldn't even begin to decipher. That's Revenge in a nutshell; they don't fuck around in the least, and they don't pretend to. In a lot of ways, Scum.Collapse.Eradication is very similar to their previous album, Infiltration.Downfall.Death, but as is often the case, the devil is in the details. There's something slightly more refined about the chaos on Scum, which is hard to notice at first, but really is what makes the album shine. A plethora of slow, doomy, heavy parts provide respites from the usual grinding, and the song writing is a bit more complex. It's not a radical change, but it turns Scum into an exciting black/death album indeed.

All the pieces and parts here are top-notch. The core of Revenge's sound will always be the bestial grinding of most of their riffs, and those moments are strong here. The riffs will cut right through you with their utter brutallity, and they're thick and meaty due to a great production and complementing bass work. The occasional shredded guitar solo helps things along as well. However, Revenge doesn't leave you wallowing and bored in a sea of high speed riffs. They like to stop and take things slow now and then, grinding you down instead of outright pulverizing you. The break downs and doomier bits are the parts, e.g. the break down in "Parasite Gallows (In Line)" and the groove half-way through "Pride Ruination (Division Collapse)", provide some of the album's strongest moments. These parts show up frequently, adding up to give the album an up and down, rollercoaster feel. The drumming helps immensely too, with breaks from the blast beats changing the feeling of riffs entirely. Then there are of course the vocals, which are an insane mix of screams, growls and deep, goregrind gurgles. Everything is mixed very well, with no part overtaking any other.

Not to say that any of that increased complexity is the end point of the album. Scum.Collapse.Eradication isn't about eight songs, it's about a 36 minute experience. It's very clear from the nearly complete lack of hooks. Revenge aren't friendly, and they're not here to be listenable or pleasant. You fall head first into a Revenge album and let it tear apart your soul, leaving you in a state of exhausted catharsis at the end. The clever little complexities of the album only serve to make the experience even more of a roller coaster, and that's what makes the album work. It also greatly improves relistenability and rewards such repeat listens. Though it's the album's blessing, it is at once Scum's (and Revenge's) weakness at well. Revenge is only really good at providing that one experience, albeit in different forms on each album (and at its best here). I find it satisfying, but many won't, and I'm sure a great deal of people will think it's simply poor songwriting. If this is your kind of music, there's plenty to gorge yourself on, and I find it immensely enjoyable. On the other hand, if Scum.Collapse.Eradiction doesn't sound like your thing, don't expect to be converted.