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Revenge > Behold.Total.Rejection > Reviews > nuklearkrieg
Revenge - Behold.Total.Rejection

Necessary - 92%

nuklearkrieg, March 18th, 2017
Written based on this version: 2015, CD, Season of Mist Underground Activists (Limited edition, Digipak, Deluxe edition)

Revenge play an aggressive and uncompromising style of black / death metal. The first time I listened to this album, I knew it was good, but after repeated listens I've found it to be really excellent.

A lot of Revenge albums have similar-sounding riff structures. But seriously, if it sounds this good, there's really no reason to change it. The big change that came with this album is the overall sound of the music. The instruments are SUPER heavy and brutal - the guitar is crunchy as hell, and J. Read's drumkit sounds absolutely cavernous. As for Read's vocals - feral is the word I would use to describe them. Put this all together and you have a warlike atmosphere that's completely unique to this band. It just works so well, sometimes this music is just exactly what the doctor ordered.

Some highlights - "Scum Defection" is a really strong start to the album. It's a maniacal way to kick things off and just so very satisfying. The rest of the songs are in no way slouches, but another really memorable moment is the beginning of "Desolation Insignia". Man, that riff is just devastating. Seeing this live must be really something, but I wonder how Vermin's vocals compare to Read's. Then again, watching Read beat the hell out of his kit would probably be entertaining enough.

Some have claimed this band to be too one dimensional - I would challenge them to keep revisiting this. It really just keeps getting better, once the full greatness of the riffs, noise, and blasting take over. Revenge may have their share of imitators, but really, there are only a few that have managed to push the envelope this far and make it sound so good. Everyone needs to hear this at least once, fans of this music need to give it a serious chance.