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Here's a cool Grinding split! - 65%

gabalgabow, April 15th, 2003

Here's a cool Grinding split!
THE KILL pays bitch fucking "tits enlargement" raw Grind from Australia. There sound is raw as fuck- difficult to hear the riffs. Makes me think about good old S.O.B for vocals and EXIT 13 for raw Underground sound.Old school Grind à la NAPALM/ S.O.B Not bad and quite energetic but I still prefer their previous band OPENWOUND.

The swedish bastards of RETALIATION (including the REGURGITATE drummer) play cool Grind/ Crust. I noticed some blackened tremolos Death metal riffs. (The last track's sound was voluntary crushed)
This is cool and cool please a cool amount of Crust grinders but these tracks didn't reach the wanted level of memorability! AAARGH!!