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Energic, beautiful, original .. - 90%

Koolacc, December 1st, 2009

It doesn't happen that often that I'm so curious about what music can I expect from my mp3 player as I was in the case of a new album Non Voglio Morire of the Italian band Resurrecturis. Quite an interesting band name as well as the album title combined with an excellently done artwork with some surrealistic paintings, which I'm still not fully decided whether it bothers me or fascinates .. I guess both. Plainly labelled as death metal .. that also didn't really fit in the whole picture and I haven't heard a single tone.

The album started playing and my excitement got a bit of a cold shower. Quite rhytmic death metal song wasn't that bad, didn't sound that generic, but I expected something really unconventional from it. The next instrumental song Prologue caught my attention again, but then the album continued in the vein of the first song and I was rather disappointed again. Not that I couldn't say the songs were generic as such, but they just didn't do it for me. Finally I got my portion of weirdness in the form of the next song called The Artist. Slowish, mysterious with some wonderfully drawn female vocals .. a pleasant lullaby one might say. Yet the best was still to come. Beginning with Save My Anger until the second last song the music turns back to its death metal moments a bit, but there's plenty of melodic passages, clean vocals and mainly great ideas that in the end make great songs. So many catchy moments in here, really good stuff which is followed by the last song In Retrospective, which is so sad, appealing and absolutely wonderful. One just has to give the album another spin after that.

The guys from Resurrecturis have accomplished to record a remarkable piece of music on this album mocking all possible genre pigeonholes. I wouldn't recommend it to those who like more kind of straightforward death metal, but honestly I don't know who would I recommend Non Voglio Morire to. There are so many different musical influences and moments, that not everyone would appreciate it. I almost fell in love with it and when I found out, that the band has made the album available free for download on their website I can't say more than “Hats off!”.

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