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Intricate Alien Musical Visitations Resumed - 91%

bayern, February 17th, 2017

It shouldn’t come as a surprise, I believe, that one of the finest death metal recordings of the new millennium comes from Italy, for the umpteenth time. This country is the new Mecca of high quality technical/progressive metal; actually, this is the place from where the best music for more serious fans has been coming for quite some time. A bottle of grappa for everyone this very moment! Cheers! This is the reason why I’ve been checking every single Italian metal act of recent years even without coming with the “technical/progressive” tag attached to it; even experts can make a mistake labelling The Metal… right?

First-rate technical/progressive death metal, with a capital T and a capital P, is being made in Italy at present; not in Florida, not in Quebec, not in Gothenburg. One merely has to look at the following list: Sadist, Illogicist, Psychofagist, Coram Lethe, Agony Face, Gory Blister, Will’o’Wisp, Human, Septycal Gorge, Resumed, etc. in order to cast all doubts aside that the above made statement is true. The latter band seem to be the “new kids on the block” with just one album under their belt. The band members have been in circulation since 2007 when their name was Holy Terror, but by the time they were ready with a demo material (“Human Troubles”, 2009), it had shifted to the current one. Only God, or the aliens out there, knows through what “human troubles” the guys (and a girl, the bass player) have gone through, but it took wholesome five years before the album reviewed here became a fact.

To produce a thoroughly original work of music nowadays is next to impossible, and one shouldn’t hold any illusions about coming across occurrences of the kind… unless they come from out of space, or thereabouts. Consequently, the “Alienation” under scrutiny here proudly wears its influences on its sleeves with a collection of interesting, not necessarily served in the same way before, compositions which distantly remind, but never blindly emulate any past exploits. The five tracks from the demo are all here, and for a good reason, as the listener will find out soon enough. One of them even opens the album: “Dead Inside”, an amorphous shredder going from “Testimony of the Ancients” to surreal Theory in Practice-esque build-ups in no time by also incorporating creepy minimalistic riff-patterns to intercept the visionary fast-paced crescendos. The title-track commences in a vigorous speed/thrashing manner before more intense technical death metalisms invade with echoes of Agretator’s “Delusions” and Baphomet’s “Answers” on top of progressive escapades ala Death. “Infected” lets loose the bass at the beginning, and later unleashes heavy dramatic rhythms which stand no chance to the labyrinthine rifforamas those in their turn superseded by enchanting melodic tunes.

“Predicting the Future” is another cut from the demo and presents mazey guitars with Death again a reference, the shadow of Mr. Chuck Schuldiner(R.I.P.) looming heavily all along this appetizing, not very predictable number. “UFO” will instantly bring a flock of flying saucers in your backyard with its futuristic, static noisy intro, the serpentine guitars and speedy accelerations. “Into the Trip”, another reminder of the demo, gallops frolically with progressive leaps and bounds assisting on the side with great melodic leads rolling in sight, interrupting the fluent riffage a few times along the way. “Seeking Perfection” “seeks perfection” in everything, including in a stroke of fast’n furious riffs which give way to melodic progressivisms mid-way. The closing “Secret in Mind” is another relic from the demo, and sets everything right with great technical guitars the Death allusions firmly in place for the creation of this final complex, also melodic, shredfest.

The contemporary death metal practitioners can only hope that they would blend their influences in the right dosage and with the requisite amount of proficiency; this is how they know they have a chance to last on the demanding new millennium’s scene which audience has heard all that could be heard. Resumed have no reasons to worry that they will fade away before anyone has had the time to check out their output. With their intelligent rendition of the old masters’ legacy the Italians can safely be placed in this attractive group of Death-prone outfits (Subconscious, Unchallenged, Stigmatized, their compatriots Human, Sceptic, Gruesome, Xiom, Psychotic Eyes, etc.) with an all-searching eye for other relevant tools and gimmicks to broaden their scope. They passed the first test with flying colours; now they only need to resume their activities in order to bring about another ode to those elusive extraterrestrial visitations.