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Demo 1 - 70%

Spatupon, October 23rd, 2020
Written based on this version: 2018, Cassette, Lycanthropic Chants (Limited edition)

Repulsive Feast is a grindcore/death metal band from Wolfsburg, Lower Saxony, Germany. These guys are relatively new, having formed in 2017, however, most members within this band already have experience playing for other bands within the underground extreme metal scene in Germany. To be completely honest, during the past few months, I've tended to shy away from a lot of grindcore bands due to the fact that a lot of the stuff I was listening to, simply sounded recycled and rehashed to death.

On the originality front, Repulsive Feast do not attempt to reinvent the wheel, neither do they claim to do so. The artwork on this demo shows your average rotting skull, a common motif amongst grindcore bands. The lyrics talk about topics such as death, torture, sex and gore, all common cliches within the grindcore scene. Having established the fact that in the overall scheme of things, the music on this demo is not original or spectacular, it is now time to describe why the music on this demo is still worth your time.

The length of this demo is pretty short as is usually to be expected from grindcore outfits. Most songs have a very frantic vibe to them, and the relentless nature that characterizes the essence of grindcore, can be used to describe this demo from the very first second until the the very last note played. This demo is filled with groovy songs which all manage to stand on their own, apart from the work in general. Unfortunately for most grindcore bands, most of their songs are just filler material and are usually very short due to a lack of imagination and musical ideas. When it comes to "Demo 1", the length of songs hits the nail in the head. Each song is given enough time to progress and come to a closure naturally, not forced. Another important aspect about the songs in general, is that they have a very doom-inspired vibe. Certain influences from bands such as the Melvins and Eyehategod co-exist perfectly with the Napalm Death and Assuck-insanity.

The musicianship on this demo may not be of the highest quality, yet the members and each individual instrument sound tight and cohesive enough to provide a solid backbone for further expressions of musicality in terms of the entire band. The bass probably stands out as the most devastating instrument in the whole band. The bass is mixed very highly and its presence is made noteworthy mostly throughout the crustier parts of each song. Overall, this is quite a fine attempt at making decent, listenable and talented grindcore the old-school way.