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radicaleb, June 18th, 2005

You've got to be fucking kidding me! This album is so original, brutal, efficient, fun, and fucking AWESOME that it makes my ears bleed in gratitude. I don't know a single metal album that I consider more of a must-own, for fans of any subgenre.

First off, I will say that I am a vinyl purist and generally dislike reissues. But this package is so complete that it not only makes up for my distaste but actually makes me glad to have the reissue instead. The essay by Laurent Ramadier is very complimentary and the notes by Scott Carlson give huge insight into EACH song. Also included is every Repulsion demo, copies of most of their flyers, and (somewhat hidden) a news clipping of drummer Dave Grave's run-in with the law for grave-robbing! Everything about the package spells out: "this is the real shit. Bow down right now." Which upon hearing this insane metal record, you shall.

Musically, these guys are just fucking monsters. As far as I know, this is the fastest record that had yet been released by 1986, and basically this album invented grindcore/goregrind. But I hesitate to even use the term "grind," because grind though it does, this album bears none of the atonal seriousness or mosh chunkiness of early 90s grindcore.....instead it comes out sounding as light-hearted as a fucking AC/DC record or something. The songs are all short and quick and violent, often with some serious tempo changes and mostly all about zombies and explicit death.....I know that sounds cliche now but on here it sounds totally fresh. Wasn't this the year "Heavy Metal Parking Lot" was made?

The riffs are huge and intensely engaging for something this fast, and I have a suspicion it's because most of the songs were written at slower tempos and speeded up.....unlike alot of stuff that came later when blastbeats were an accepted norm, these songs would probably sound good at any tempo. The guitar work is very grinding throughout and my only complaint about this record is you can't really hear the second guitarist, Aaron Freeman, except a weird buzzing sometimes....that's where my rating loses it's 1%. And the solos on this record rule! The fact that someone is even trying to solo on top of these songs is hilarious and most of them come off really well. The solo trade-offs in the middle of "Maggots in Your Coffin," the best song on the album, are especially sick.

Someone else described the bass on this as inhuman and I can't top gives a huge fuzz fog to the bottom end that is only pierced by the serial killer drumming of Dave Grave Hollingshead. The guy is just a maniac. Aside from keeping Napalm Death tempos for ENTIRE SONGS, his whole style is based around a super deadly swing beat that appears in a few different songs and gives some needed space to the rest of the sound, sort of like Bill Andrews' disco beats in the middle of Death songs. His tempo changes always destroy me and are always on point. There's no denying that this record is all about speed, but he makes speed seem way, um, faster, more brutal, and more fun than most records this fast tend to.

There really isn't a bad song on here, but I always find myself just listening to the last six tracks, maybe the best 11 minutes of metal I've ever heard. The intro on "Bodily Dismemberment" is a way better album opener than the recycled "Crack of Doom" riff on track 1, and basically these six songs lay down everything you need to know about the band. The best two songs ("Radiation Sickness" aside) are in these last six, including the legendary "Black Breath" which has no blastbeats but is about the fucking Nazgul from Lord of the Rings (!!!) and the catchiest goregrind sing-along ever, "Maggots in Your Coffin," which you should read about in the review beneath this one. The best slow parts are also in here, in "Horrified" and "The Lurking Fear." All this in the amount of time it takes to get ready to go to work.....hell yeah!

But don't get me wrong, this whole album is essential, and at less than half an hour it will bear out many, many repeated listens. Repulsion will fucking rip your guts out and leave you rotting and begging for more. HORRIFIED!!