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Fucking grind! - 100%

minorthreat665, September 17th, 2007

I wasn't sure if reviewing this was really necessary, but the overall percentage wasn't what it should be: 100%. Repulsion is IT when it comes to grindcore. As you do or should know, they did it all before anybody else. Fucking fast whirlwind blastbeating drums before it was everywhere, heavy guitars before it was cool, sickening gore lyrics before they were plastered all over, and straightforward vocal delivery.

Their overall sound is chillingly great, as the drums blast away into one's brain the guitar riffs move blazingly fast. Another great thing about Horrified is the riffing: it's really old-school and simple. No technical guitar work here, Repulsion pump out grinding evil powerchords like the best of them amidst the flurries of hats, bass drums and snares. The fanciest thing coming out of Repulsion is the guitar solos that occasionally wail thrashy dissonance across Repulsion's sound spectrum (see the solo in "Raditation Sickness")

The bass gives a really nice low-end rumble to the music, just that more punch and icing on the cake. The guitars don't need to be super heavy because the bass is already providing the base for the fast guitar work and solos. The drums are also needless to say very fast, mostly blastbeats. However the drums for non-blast parts are also very well done, for example in "Black Breath" where the killer main riff takes off a song with no blastbeats whatsoever (the only like such on the entire album in fact).

If you don't own this, get it get it get it! Essential grindcore.