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Grindcore music totally sucks! - 10%

linkavitch, March 1st, 2009

Ah yes we got ourselves here the legendary album Horrified by the so called creators of grindcore and death metal Repulsion. Every time I listen to this album I usually think of the same questions over and over. Basic questions like why is considered good or why do people like this garbage. Or if I’m not asking myself these questions I’m usually making lame jokes about it like I was horrified to listen to the album, or this band is repulsing to listen to. But seriously in all, this album really, and I mean really, sucks.

Ok so according to their band page on MA; it says “Regarded as one of the cornerstones in extreme music and one of the innovators of the grindcore genre, influencing such bands as Carcass, Napalm Death, Terrorizer, etc.” Now I’m not a fan of Carcass, Napalm Death, or Terrorizer for that matter, so you can tell I wasn’t going to like the band they based their music off of. I thought that it would maybe be just those three bands that I wouldn’t like and that I would like the founders of the grind genre actually. Well, I was wrong. I really cannot get into this genre at all for some reason. All it is to me really is some annoying hardcore punk music. You got songs where the average length is about 1:30, the exact same song structure for every single song, horrible production, and lyrics that just plain blow. I mean you got songs on here called “Splattered Cadavers”, “Festering Boils”, and “Acid Bath”. To me they all sound like a bunch of teenagers sat in a basement thinking of lyrics that would be unpleasant to picture in your head.

The very first thing I notice while listening to the album was how on every song, the guitar sounds the exact same. How a band can turn an entire album into just one song is a greater mystery for even Scooby-Doo and his team of hippy friends to solve. Every song will open with the same guitar part which will play for the entire album. The rhythm guitar sounds kind of like early black metal Bathory or Venom style where the rhythm is the same for the songs, where it plays the same note over and over and doesn’t really change even in the verses. Only the actual tone of the guitar doesn’t have that demonic feeling to it like black metal, nor a heavy feel for that matter. It’s got an annoying gritty punkish aggression feel to it much like popular punk bands in the 80’s like The Misfits. The solos are different on each song but they last only like ten seconds so you can’t enjoy them, they just come and go. The fast pace of the guitar is what makes they somewhat enjoyable I guess.

The drumming, although it is very fast, mostly hits that metal tripod stand that the cymbals are attached to during the verse. I also noticed that they use blast beats. They feel misused and out of place for the whole album, as if that they don’t belong. Every song sounds the same however so it sounds like for every song the drummer is doing the same thing over and over. And when your band has drummer that hits the same two or three things over and over (Metallica) your music gets obnoxious very fast.

The vocals are a joke to me. They got that annoying hardcore punk attitude like “fuck you” in the feel of them. They also got these annoying short busts of anger going on like one second he’s pissed off and the other he’s fine. I also noticed that sometimes they do that thing where you can take a word that is normally pronounced in three syllables, and turn it into a two syllable pronunciation. And on top of that they sound soft and raspy on every song, as if the microphone was too far away from the vocalist or something, so the vocals kind of work as a background sound effect instead of as a main factor in the music.

The production is just brutal. It’s unclean, unpolished, and gritty. The bass is much distorted, which irks me a lot. The bass is audible which I find to be a nice aspect, but it’s played in an 80’s punk style where it’s louder than the guitars at some points. It is very hard for me to listen to all the songs, even if the album is under 30 minutes.

This album was a pretty tough listen for me. It annoyed me quite a lot I’m not going to lie. There’s no variety in this album whatsoever, every song is the exact same song only with a different title over it. The shitty production and the annoying vocals are what ruined it the most for me. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe that’s what this genre is supposed to be like. Well if so, then it’s nice to know that grindcore music sucks. That’s really the only good thing that came out if it for me, that and that it was a quick listen.