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THE classic grind album - 90%

ironasinmaiden, February 23rd, 2003

Napalm Death's Scum was the foundation for political grindcore, Horrified was the foundation for gore grind. It is unfortunate that Napalm led a long and successful career full of accolades and recognition, while Repulsion had a few of their songs covered by.... Napalm Death. Horrified is relentless... 16 tracks of scathing grind and sick lyrics that predate carcass by a year or two and pound "Reek" like a red headed stepchild.

This is grindcore. Ground zero.

The guitar tone is gritty as fuck, yet audible... little to no technical prowess, but ain't that the beauty of grind and it's forebearers? Just play as fast and straightforward as possible. Drums = unstoppable blasts that are unfortunately buried in the mix. Imagine Slayer mixed with DRI circa Dealing With It, plus a fuckload of aggression.

Standout tracks = Radiation Sickness, Eaten Alive, Maggots in Your Coffin, and Black Breath, the only somewhat midpaced song (later covered by Entombed). You don't know grind until you know REPULSION \m/. Nuff said