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Holy Shit! What the fuck was THAT??? - 95%

Tzitzis, August 15th, 2015

I just listened to this album for the first time so I'll keep it short and sweet. I have never listened to grindcore (except Instinct of Survival and Scum from Napalm Death) but I had heard others speak about grindcore. I have to say I was quite surprised when I got this attack on my ears from my speakers. I now understand what a wall of sound means. Boom! It hit my head harder than a real wall!

What can I tell about this album..? I don't feel repulsed but I do feel horrified. I almost crapped my pants when I heard it. I guess that's what happens when the sound waves get into your ears and try to find another way out of your body. The music is begging you to start moshing alone in the room. Fast, raw and violent with many quick rhythm changes. In most songs there is a guitar intro and then the drums come into the song.

These guys know their stuff. First of all they have paranoid guitar riffs and insane solos. I couldn't hear much from the solos but they are fast and crazy, Slayer-like solos. The bass sounds like a speaker that is put on fire (I guess it sounds close to that anyway) and its presence is noticed all the time. It starts building the "wall of sound". The drums are not boring, I mean I expected only blast beats (apparently the first thing you learn about grindcore is that it's all about blast beats) but it's not at all like that. They complete the "wall of sound". They fill the songs by giving a really nice pace and moshing rhythm according to the music. Finally the vocals, perfecting the deadly mix. A crude and rusty voice screaming in the punk fashioned way. They have a primitive feel. It's the cherry on top really. A compact performance by the band in both composing and playing their music. The only thing I got lyrics-wise from this album is from the last song, the screams "Horrified! Horrified!". Nothing else in the lyrics part cause I couldn't understand a thing and I have to look them up here in MA. But I'm sure they won't change my opinion about the album.

I heard the entire thing through Youtube and even though I liked very much 4-5 songs I can't tell you which ones they are. I'm going to hear this album once again and track them down. I was so excited I wanted to write a review as soon as possible. It's strange cause I didn't expect to like this album or any of it's songs. But I think any death metal fan (and grindcore of course) would love this album. It combines great riffs, extremely fast and heavy music, ultrasound drumming and primitive savage screaming. It's a classic too and it has a great cover! It's love on the first listen!

Rock On!