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wow, this is intense! - 98%

Subterfuge, August 4th, 2006

Words cannot describe how intense this album is. From the fuzzy power chords that open 'The Stench of Burning Death' to the closing "Fuck!" of the title track, this album never lets up its chaotic assault on the senses. This album is a milestone in Extreme Music, and has been cited as a huge influence by legends such as Napalm Death, Carcass and Entombed. And make no mistake, this album is fucking fast. Reign In Blood, eat your heart out.

The riffs on this album are simple, thrashy and very raw. The rhythm guitar of Olivo and Freeman is well done, and they also throw in a number of guitar solos, which are very much in the vein of Slayer. They are a mess, but it works astoundingly well and I couldn't think of a better suited option, really. The guitar tone is very raw, with a touch of fuzz.

At first, the bass seems to be almost non-existent, until you realise the aforementioned fuzz is not purely from the lo-fi production. The bass on this album was recorded through a distortion pedal straight into a (probably very cheap) recorder. The result is a pulsating, fuzzy Bass sound unlike anything I've heard before. This works wonderfully as a compliment to the grinding guitars over the top. Sure, you can't really hear exactly what he is playing, but fuck, it sounds great!

Dave Grave's drumming on this album is very fast, and contains mostly your standard Thrash drumming, or a primitive sounding Blast Beat. Dave plays the classic style blasts, with only one kick drum and let me tell you, he sounds like an absolute maniac. Yeah, he can sound pretty sloppy at times, but it suits this album perfectly and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Scott Carlson's vocals are very raw and raspy, and he is one of my favourite vocalists. Think Massacre's Kam Lee, but not as deep, and that pretty much describes Scott's vocals. They are the perfect vehicle for the gory lyrical subject matter that Repulsion has. Song titles such as Maggots In Your Coffin, Splattered Cadavers, Festering Boils and Slaughter Of The Innocent speak for themselves, really.

- Awesome bass sound
- Sick vocals
- Manic drumming
- Raw as fuck

- None, unless you're a pussy

Recommended Tracks:
Maggots In Your Coffin
Bodily Dismemberment
Black Breath
Six Feet Under
Slaughter of The Innocent

In summation, essential for any fans of Grind and/or Extreme Metal in general.

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