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HOLY! SHIT! - 96%

SlaughterofSoul, June 16th, 2003

God Damn! This album is just constant speed and intensity from beginning to end. Imagine Slayer, Celtic Frost(pre-Avaunt Garde days), and Discharge on a speeding train on a crash course for a village full of blood thirsty zombies, that aren't slow and dimmited, but fast and haven't eaten flesh for at least a year, and you have this damn album! Constant headbanging! This has to be the most extreme(and underrated) release of the 80's. This is total grindcore. If you think Napalm Death were the first grindcore band, you're wrong! ND totally ripped off Repulsion! Muddy yet audible production is what is on display here, in gigantic doses. There is no let up on this album! Damn, I feel as I'm repeating myself but I just can't help it! All the lyrics on the album are about gore(before gore lyrics became cliche). The bass sound on this is just inhuman. The reason this got a 96 instead of a perfect 100 is that some of the songs sound the same unless you listen really closely. This deserves your attention the whole way through. If you call yourself a grindcore fan, and do not own those album, then you do not know grindcore! This the first, best and best grindcore release ever, and probably the only grindcore album you'll ever need. Hail Repulsion! My head still hurts from head banging so god damn much along with the album.