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Grind your mind... - 95%

Dumdum, March 25th, 2004

This album blows away all preconceptions about extreme metal.
To think that this kind of noise was being turned out in the mid-eighties is almost unbelievable. Just a few years after Metallica and Slayer popped onto the scene, the members of Genocide are already taking that new form of heavier sound and butchering it for all its worth.
This cd is as complete as it can be on the past history of the first true grindcore outfit. It has demos galore, and some newer stuff added in too. To be honest though, the demos are weakly produced, and some of them are just a pure barrage of bass and drums.
But lets not detract from this fine album. The nice thing about the accompanying booklet is foot notes that give little insights into the thinking of the songs and their arrangements and ideas. Ok. So the idea was to write about people being horribly butchered, burnt or eaten by zombies, but hey...thats half the fun. If you can't have a laugh, what have you got?
The songs don't blur into each other quite like I was expecting. (I had a few of their tracks on tape and they seemed quite similar, so I was aprehensive). Unlike Carcass's first full length (in my opinion) these tracks really do have individual feeling and structure. I was expecting a 'Scum' style montage of white noise and fuzz bass with no begining or end, just little breaks to breath.
There is some fuzz bass on this don't get me wrong, but its cool intro fuzz bass, thats opens for some bad as fuck riffs and chaotic drum sections.
The opener, The Stench of Burning Death, raps off a few intro bars and then lets you have it both barrels with blast beats that defy description. Its just one big thrash of speed and ...well, more speed.
The vocals on an initial listen seem a bit weak, almost cross over thrash/death style. But once you play this album a few times they fit very very nicely into the scheme of things. And lets not forget Chuck Schuldiner's vocal talents were not exactly "Chris Barnes" grunts when Death first started off either. Both bands share some history, but like it says in the booklet, Repulsion knew they were heading in a different direction to Chuck when their songs constantly involved zombie gore lyrics and cramp inducing drum blasts!
Radiation Sickness is one of my personal favorites. It has some clean moments and the vocals complement the track very well.
But hell, this album is all about the grind, so for that you really need to listen to The Lurking Fear and Horrified for all out brum smashing, riff melding carnage. The little addition of..."Fuck" at the end of the last track (title track) completes, what is for me a bizarrely underproduced, yet totally addictive album.
You know when you put your favorite death metal album on and you come over all aggressive and emotional (well maybe its just me)?
This album makes me like that. And that in my book is FANTASTIC thing indeed.