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Non-stop Riff Perfection - 100%

MutilationRites, July 18th, 2007

I just received this album from Soulseller Records the other day, and I didn’t know very many people at all who had heard it but everyone who had heard seemed to say great things, and I offer nothing different. This death metal album is like nothing you’ve heard, which was pretty incredible. There are lots of similarities to Possessed and Celtic Frost riffs, and the expected Swedish death sound without sounding like a blatant rip-off, but without sounding like any new band. The guitars don’t rely on the low end, but are extremely heavy and swampy. And the guitar leads are all eerie contributions that get underneath your skin when you hear them.

The drums are pounding and intense, and they provide a lot. The bass sound is lethal and ugly, and these qualities from the guitar, bass, and drums together make this album gritty, ugly, primitive, barbaric, and perfect. But the icing on the cake is Mary Goore’s vocal attack. It’s not a typical death metal approach, and there is something unnatural about it, you feel like you’re listening to screams of the undead. The songwriting is a great formula that flows consistently throughout the album but never comes close to boring you. Every song has a catchy chorus and deadly riffs that make it memorable. This album will captivate you, inspire you, and show you the real potential that death metal has to be great.