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Good solid hard-hitting music but not enough of it - 75%

NausikaDalazBlindaz, February 9th, 2019

Remete is a new atmospheric BM project started by D of Woods of Desolation and several other BM bands and projects based in Wollongong, a city formerly well known for steel-making in Australia. "The Winter Silence" was released as an EP consisting of one work broken up into four parts. It's a very polished recording - that's to be expected from someone with a pedigree in BM as D has! - of solid hard-hitting music with strong bass melodies, a bleak and hopeless mood, and vocals filled with a mix of anger, sorrow and desperation.

All four tracks are chapters in one overriding work but they also work well as separate pieces in themselves. Part III especially is a majestic piece of sorrowful atmospheric BM with varied and memorable bass melodies set off by layers of acid tremolo guitar corrosion. Changes in rhythm and key throughout the track give it force and directed energy, at least until the track's later moments where the music's slower pace brings in a more melancholy and resigned feeling. Part IV is a much more complex track in music and mood, as though having passed through sorrow and depression, the protagonist vocalist has made up his mind to commit to action which he knows is likely to bring more pain and agony - but then, not undertaking such action (whatever it is) would not remove the current source of anguish. There is an attitude of defiance and a feeling of renewed strength in this track.

The mix of music, atmospheres and the emphasis on melody and definite bass grooves, at the expense of the drumming (it's basic but enough for the style of music here) and the guitars which essentially are a backdrop, gives this recording a post-BM feel but fans of Filosofem-era Burzum will feel very much at home with this music. Playing all instruments on this EP, D is as much comfortable playing delicate acoustic guitar mood music (Part II) as he is on epic raw BM pomp or driving music with a backs-to-the-wall attitude in later tracks. I only wish the music on all four tracks had been longer as it's very well composed with a lot of energy, emotion and surprising pop-friendly melody and riffing. There's plenty to savour but not enough of it!