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Capable thrash EP - 65%

Noktorn, December 13th, 2008

This is an EP of modern thrash metal. It is nothing more than an EP of modern thrash metal. It aspires to be nothing more than an EP of modern thrash metal. It's fairly successful at being an EP of modern thrash metal.

Thrash has never been my favorite genre of metal, and I can't say I particularly enjoy this release very much, but I can respect it for being good at what it does, although it's completely unoriginal. It sounds like modern thrash metal: there's a lot of double bass and quickly strummed tremolo/gallop riffs, the vocals are a a midrange snarl, and the song structures are compact and verse/chorus in nature. The production is clear and strong, with a quality low end and enough brightness in the high end to keep things lively and accentuate the riffs.

The songs have little differences here and there; 'Pitch Black' has its Maidenesque opening lead, 'Die As I Say (Not As I Do)' has its acoustic/clean guitar sections, and 'Begin To Bleed Through' has a hint of Pantera groove. Really though, it's a simple release that doesn't ever stray too far from the conventions of the genre. Most of the riffs have an air of familiarity to them and the band will never jump out and surprise the seasoned metal listener, but the songwriting is enjoyable enough to make up for the lack of originality.

It's a decent thrash EP; nothing special but inoffensive and listenable due to its professionalism and relative brevity. There's worse things to buy. Granted, there's better.