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Way To Go, Belarus! - 89%

Metalhead1997, April 1st, 2017

I'm not a stranger to listening to bands from countries no one really has heard about, such as Tyr from the Faroe Islands, or Gastrorrexis from Ecuador, and these guys from Belarus give us proof that the slam scene there is kicking ass! However, I felt like the instrumentals could have been worked on a little bit more. Anyway, here's why I consider this album to be one of my top 100 slam albums.

First, the album art is pretty good, and it goes along with the album title itself. I'm not sure what it is, but that coal-being using his powers to fling some helpless humans into possibly a portal to nothingness or just oblivion is really awesome looking! The atmosphere of the artwork too is really good. It definitely feels like you're experiencing this through both the eyes of the helpless and the being (or beings) as this event unfolds.

Next, the instrumentation is sort of borderline with slam and brutal death metal. At times, it sounds like the average Pathology album, and at others, it sounds like the generic slam sound, but it's done pretty well. The guitars are really good, too. I often find myself headbanging a lot to "Immortally Dethroned" off this album since it's so good. The bass is in there, just not as audible as everything else. The drums are kind of half-and-half, where some sections are brutal sounding while others fall more on the slam side. The vocals are what make this album great! The growl that the vocalist employs makes it seem like the coal-being is telling you what is happening through these songs. Also, the echo effect is REALLY effective at immersing the listener into this demented world that is presented through the album cover.

The production, mixing, and songwriting are all really solid, as well. Everything seems to line up PERFECTLY with each other, and the execution makes this one fucking EPIC album to listen to! (I just now remembered, what the hell are those tentacles doing in the background?)

Overall, this album is something EVERY SINGLE slam fan should have regardless of the excuse! If you wanna check out the slam scene that doesn't get dominated by Russia or Asia, check this album out! Belarus certainly spearheads their slam scene with these guys, and rightfully so!

Rating: 8.5/10
Rating: 89/100